Daniel Jaeger is a British novelist, poet and journalist.

Born and raised in Bradford, he undertook a BA in Journalism at the University of Chester immediately after finishing Sixth Form at his secondary school. Due to financial constraints after graduating, he returned back to his hometown of Bradford, and worked intermittently in finance, journalism and public service until November 2015 when he followed a lifelong dream and moved to Japan, where he spent a year teaching English as a Foreign Language. Since then, he has been working in IT back in his hometown, saving, studying and focusing on the future.

He wrote his first novel, Industrial Espionage, as part of the 2011 National Novel Writing Month, where he completed the project on time. This started out as a relatively light-hearted science-fiction romp involving countries which rather than being based on ideology, were based on musical or aesthetic genres. Since then, he has rewritten the novel a number of times, becoming increasingly serious as time goes on.

As part of the 2013 Camp NaNoWriMo, he began work on another project: Hikari’s Coma – later renamed simply to Hikari. Continuing on from the same universe as his previous effort, he decided to set the story a number of years before and go for a straight-up science-fiction story rather than the blend of sci-fi and fantasy seen in Industrial Espionage. The book is currently being reworked to include changes in characters and settings.

As of March 2016, he began publishing the weekly serial Showa 60 which updates every Wednesday. This series, usually of around 1000 words per update, follows the exploits of Kanon, descendent of the legendary Shinsengumi Okita Souji. The series has been on extended hiatus due to time constraints. However, his previous series, Night God Bless returns for another run! This series proved popular with fans and friends alike, following the inimitable Daniel Darke and his gang of survivors during the chaos of the Second Arlandrian Civil War.