For those of you who know me, I do occasionally delve into the world of fan-fiction. Unlike my novels, however, the majority of the time, this isn’t because I feel I have a story I need to share; instead, I use it as practice, working with scenes or situations that wouldn’t appear in my novels, and while I understand that my fanfics may be of a decent quality, I would never even consider reworking them into a novel or ‘original’ short story.

I like writing my own works because I get into it. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the folder on my laptop dedicated to my current novel series, you’d understand that I consider every aspect about it. I have thought out the construction of most of the small arms, the architectural styles of the cities, the vehicles in the story, the personalities of even minor characters. When I write a novel, I create a world.

When I write fan-fiction, I use a world that has already been created to save me the legwork of having to do it myself. They are two different products, and will remain as such. If I were to blur these lines, I think I would be doing myself a disservice and at the same time, the original media from which my fan-fiction is based.

However, these are merely thoughts and my own opinions. I understand that the working of non-canon fan-fiction into “original” fiction has worked exceptionally well for some writers. But to me, my fan-fiction and my original fiction will always be separate, two different products for two different audiences.


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