Personal Blog #1

Hi guys,

I figured I might as well make a few personal blog entries for those of you who wonder what I get up to in my free time other than writing. I’m not just a walking, talking, writing machine, although some may have you believe just that. If anyone knows somewhere I could get cyborg implants to turn me into a walking, talking, writing machine though, it would be much appreciated if you could forward me their details. (Cyberpunk, yeah!)

Lately, I have been playing a lot of video games when I haven’t been writing, on three different platforms no less. On the PSP, I’ve been playing the fantastic Fate/Extra – related to the equally awesome visual-novel-turned-anime Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero. Created by Kinoko Nasu‘s TYPE MOON, Fate/Extra is a slight divergence from the original VNs, in that it is set in a virtual environment, where numerous Masters attend a school in order to be given Servants to participate in the Holy Grail Wars.

Fate/Extra’s playable Saber class.

As the protagonist, you get to choose whether you are male or female, and that’s about it. The story is that you have amnesia, and thus have essentially no abilities as a Magus (a type of computer hacker, in this instance) and this translates to your servant as well. Regarding the servants, you have a choice of the fiery Saber, the gruff, cynical Archer or the cheerful and slightly goofy Caster. I’m currently playing through both Caster and Saber, and I’m planning to play through Archer on a higher difficulty when I’m done with the others.

The playable Archer class and the female protagonist.

It’s an interesting game, although the difficulty curve is immense; the first two Masters you must fight are relatively easy, albeit annoying. The third is particularly trying. I’ve found that no matter what difficulty you play, you’ll still find yourself level grinding just to be on the safe side. That said, I highly recommend the game if you have a PSP.

Fate/Extra’s playable Caster gives all other adorable fox-girls a run for their money; here’s looking at you, Ahri and Holo.

With regards to the Xbox 360, I’m working my way through towards the end of Mass Effect 2. I downloaded the first one to my hard-drive and completed it quickly – not because it’s a short game by any means, but more because it was addictive and the story is exceptionally engaging. I’m carrying on from my original ME FemShep character – an Infiltrator class, which is much more balanced in the second one, thankfully. The level of character development in a game of Mass Effect 2’s size is really impressive, and I feel like it expands on the original game so much more than expected. I’m hoping to get around to purchasing the 3rd game soon, which in spite of its apparent Gainax Ending, I’m still looking forward to playing the final chapter of the series.

PC wise, I’ve been doing a lot. This evening I downloaded the early access to Archeblade, which seems like it will be an excellent MMO beat-em-up once the few bugs and connection issues have been ironed out. It reminds me in a way of a combination of League of Legends and Phantasy Star Online, if both were simpler. My main attraction to Archeblade was the exquisite character design, and I’m even considering purchasing the basic pack, just so I can use the characters without having to stick to the weekly cycle.

Archeblade’s impressive visuals and character design isn’t half bad for a company with only 12 employees!


I’ve also been playing Sim City 4, because I enjoy trying to make the cities work. That’s really all there is to say on that matter. Aside from that, I’ve been playing Company of Heroes, FTL: Faster Than Light and the original Sonic the Hedgehog, back when he hadn’t learned to share his hedge.

Lasers! Spaceships! Solar flares! PCHOOOO!

I was going to write a little bit more about the other things I’ve been up to, but I think there’s enough about gaming here to last a decent blog post. I’ll probably have a few more updates later in the week, just so you know what else is going on in the Busy World of Daniel Jaeger.


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