Camp NaNoWriMo Day 11

It’s normally at this point where the story starts to stick a little; just short of 20,000 words in with a good flow but an uncertainty as to where to go with the story. Hikari’s Coma has been no exception to this rule, but the stickiness doesn’t seem to be lasting quite as long as I expected, which is good.

The interesting thing I’ve found about this story is that it seems to want to write itself. It’s gone from an idea that was tentative at best, that could have sounded like a really terrible Evangelion derivative set before the events of the series.  But no, it’s turned into something much more than that.

The story has invented some new characters, some new challenges, and even some new locations. Two characters are just about to head to a private residence on the outskirts of the Arlandrian township of Black River (points if you can figure out where in Japan that corresponds to), one of my older characters has just announced they have a serious illness, and there’s been a possible terrorist attack at the base Hikari works at.

Interestingly enough, unlike most of my other works, the chronology of this story is entirely messed up in my head. When I started the project, I knew how I was going to begin and how it was going to end, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in the middle, and indeed, how I was going to do it. I was worried that it was going to feel contrived or forced or just not good enough, but I think my experiences with working on Industrial Espionage three times, and my more relaxed approach to writing is helping me out. The word count is a stressor; if I think about the word count, it actually makes things worse because I’m not trying to write for the love of writing. Instead, I’m trying to meet a number, and the gods only know about my love/hate relationship with mathematics.

But yes, that’s your update on Hikari’s Coma for the time being. Fingers crossed I’ll be done in no time, and you’ll have something to read while I continue to prepare Industrial Espionage for your viewing pleasure. Thank you for all your support thus far, it’s really great.


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