Personal Blog #3

Hey guys, sorry for my sudden and unexplained disappearance! I am back and I’m still around, but my life has become very busy of late.

As of the 5th of August 2013, I am officially employed. It’s only minimum wage, but I’m working at my local community radio station (BCB 106.6 fm) kicking ass (metaphorically), taking names (when I occasionally have to man the front desk) and making messes (when I forget to wash up my cups of tea).

Also, as of tonight, I had my first ever pre-recorded feature broadcast on a live show. That live show being the prime-time drive-home show (incidentally called ‘Drive’). I didn’t listen to it because I hate the sound of my own voice, but Fran who presents Drive on a Wednesday complimented me on it and Will, my fellow intern and general dude, said it sounded as professional as a national radio broadcast. So I guess it went okay.

I’m planning out a show as a little project on the side; it’s going to be a radio show that looks at fandoms, anime, video games and so on, while playing some sweet tunes and maybe even having the occasional interview if I can manage to arrange it. The way my boss put it was really good, she just asked me, “What would you want to hear on the radio?” That was one of my interview questions and my response was immediately, “Songs and compositions from Japanese animation and probably video games as well. Something… geeky, for lack of a better term.”

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Writing wise, I’ve been working on Hikari’s Coma still. I’ve almost finished the book (I’m onto either the penultimate or last chapter) and I’ve sketched out some ideas for improved cover artwork (as much as I like the artsy minimalist cover it’s not really suitable for the genre). I’m planning on getting back into Industrial Espionage once I’ve prepared HC for proofing, and I cannot tell you how much planning for other things I’ve been doing. A certain side character from Hikari’s Coma has a story to be told (or maybe a few) with a slight nod to classic SF Neuromancer as well as modern crime fiction and some slightly Dan-Brown-esque conspiracy stuff.

All in all, I have plenty of irons in the fire to be going along with, and I will do my best to keep you in the loop. Thanks for sticking by me guys, I appreciate it every day.


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