Night God Bless: Tales from the 2nd Arlandrian Civil War

As I mentioned in my last blog, I was planning a series of flash fiction posts which have now turned into a sequential short story in the form of the above title. The story follows Daniel Darke, a layabout who lives a cushy life thanks to gun running operations for the local mafia. His world is turned upside down by a political conflict that boiled over into a full-blown civil war, and both sides are willing to shoot first and ask questions later.

Along the way, he meets a number of interesting characters who change him from the man he once was into someone who people aren’t so quick to judge, and finds that certain things about himself and his former life were not as set in stone as he believed. It’s a story about war, politics, loyalty and friendship. I hope you enjoy it.

As explained on the series homepage, it will be updated weekly, without fail. Unless something ridiculous happens, in which case I’ll let you know. Tomorrow is ‘Point-01’, and the password will be ‘MISTAKES’. The cipher explained on the homepage applies. Please do leave a comment and let me know what you think of it, either on my Facebook page, my Twitter or on my WordPress account.

And don’t worry, I’m still working on Hikari’s Coma; Night God Bless is in essence an online story for you to follow, and has a pretty short turn-around time. I’ll also be releasing polls every now and again so you can let me know, who you like, who you don’t and what you’d like to see happen.


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