NaNoWriMo 2013 Day 1

Well, National Novel Writing Month is off to a flying start, it seems! The forums and Facebook group are populated with chatter, the word counts are rising and novels are being written in various genres.

I’m already onto the second chapter of The Legion of Truth, with a word count of 3085 and a swear count of 15. For now. It is, as I had expected, wonderfully liberating to write a character who doesn’t mince her words. I had a brief taster of that when I wrote her into Hikari’s Coma, but this is even better. She’s intelligent, and she knows her technology, but she isn’t afraid to show she’s pissed off when she actually is. I’m not sure about other writers, but I can always use a character like that.

Then, you’ve got the character who goes by the name of Garnet, a woman who is well-spoken, all about the mission. She wasn’t intended to operate as a foil against my protagonist, Kelly Kaptur, but they do have an air of that about them. I’m still setting the scene at the moment, but things have already been drenched in a concoction of guns and adrenaline, and we’re not even into the ‘meat’ of the story as it were. Or main course, if you’d prefer a more vegetarian-friendly term.

That’s just my little update for today, hopefully I’ll have more to tell you tomorrow as long as my job interview doesn’t entirely exhaust me in terms of anxiety! I’m sure I’ll be fine, nonetheless, but wish me luck on both fronts!


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