Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, and a happy new year to you all.

I hope the festive season was fun – whatever your personal definition of ‘fun’ may be! I do find that while it is the general assumption people spend the holidays with their family, some people find it all a bit stressful and prefer their own company or that of partners or friends.

For me, I spent Christmas in a pleasant, if not slightly hectic family environment. Now honestly, I am of the type who would prefer to spend it with a partner and a good bottle of whisky, but alas, I was obliged to spend the season in the traditional manner. Also, my present lack of a partner scuppered my chances at celebrating to my preference! But, I do have some excellent whisky in my reserves, so it’s not all doom and gloom. But yes, moving swiftly on: for the New Year, I visited my friend’s house in the local (and beautiful) countryside, and celebrated with a modest number of comrades with the usual drinking, board games and trivia games.

I have given myself a few resolutions for 2014, but none of them particularly associated with writing (although coming up with some writing related ones might be a good idea!). Mine are to lose 20 lbs, learn to drive, get a job which pays me a satisfactory wage, and move into my own place. They sound like relatively standard resolutions, but I am resolute in that I will accomplish them – I consider them more ‘mission objectives’ than my standard yearly suggestions of self-betterment.

How about you? Have you made any resolutions, either personal or writing related? Let me know in the comments!