Camp Nanowrimo: The Re-returning

Good morning everyone.

It’s about that time of year again. Cabins have been assigned, story outlines are (hopefully) prepared and the pantsers have sorted themselves from the planners. It’s also the best opportunity to grasp the metaphorical bulls by its equally metaphorical horns and get some writing done.

Over the years of participating, however, I’ve found that I struggle with one particular thing: finding time to do just that, get my writing underway and really crank up the word count in the first day. As the schedule would have it, this year’s Camp Nano is in July, not August, and my current work contract ends… in August. As a radio journalist, my job involves some degree of creativity, some writing and a lot of energy.

As an introvert, dealing with so many people and utilizing my energy in a way that isn’t exactly suited to me is exceptionally exhausting. Existentially exhausting, as I have put it before. So by the time I’ve done my duties for the day and ridden a busy bus home, all I want is some downtime, some ‘me’ time. It’s frustrating really, because I know I need to write, I just can’t – or at least, I struggle more than I would writing at a reasonable hour.

Anyway, personal issues aside, let’s talk about my project: Gemini. It’s a story I’m retconning from last year’s November NaNoWriMo, which I quickly abandoned due for the aforementioned reasons. That, and because I’d only planned half of the book, that’s as far as I got because I didn’t have time to plan out the second half. The protagonist is the same, and the premise of the book is relatively similar, but my recent interests have slightly skewed the plot.

I’m going for a sort of heist story put in a science-fiction universe, which it was to some degree before. However, this time, it’s a lot more action-packed; I focused too heavily on character relationships before, which while they are my usual forte, almost drowned the plot when I was writing The Legion of Truth. So, instead, I’m trying to maintain a balance between demonstrating who the characters are and how they relate, while keeping the story flowing towards the planned conclusion.

As always, I’m going to keep you updated about all the progress (or lack thereof) I’m making with Gemini and fingers crossed, it’ll go much better this time!


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