Two Months Away, Progress and Panic!

Hey guys, sorry for not being around for exactly two months. I didn’t even intend for my absence to be for such a specific length of time, but there’s been a lot going on and at the same time, there’s been very little going on.

First up, it’s 21 days until I go to Japan (technically 23 until I’m actually there, thanks time zones), and I’ve been trying to prepare for that in as many ways as I can. Primarily running around screaming like an idiot. But working out how I can scrape money together to afford new clothes, seeing as I have two pairs of jeans with a crotch that hasn’t bottomed out – the rest are practically torn right up the gusset. Joy!

In addition, I’ve finished up Hikari now. Yes, in my absence I actually have been doing writing, and have managed to push through and finish it up. At the moment, I am sending it out to a few beta readers, and once their feedback is complete I will roll out my final edit and hopefully get the blasted thing published. I’m also hoping to get enough money together to get an illustrator – who comes highly recommended from a fellow author friend of mine – to create a fitting cover for my novel.

Other than that, I’ve finished my contract at the radio station, and I am back to the daily grind of looking for work that will support me through the rigours of daily life without crushing my immortal soul in the process, and am finding the whole ordeal rather difficult at best. I’m looking for work in a media related environment, so if you do have something of interest please do let me know.

That’s about all I have to let you know about at the moment. I’ll also be restructuring my website a little, and I have a new project – or rather, an old project I have decided to reboot and  put in my universe – which I will be letting you know about soon. It doesn’t take place in Tonlist, so strictly speaking, it isn’t part of the Tonlist Chronicles canon. However, it does take place in the far future, when the Re-United States is at risk of being split once again. It involves a squadron of all-female mercenaries, a network of space stations in low Earth orbit and a sect of angels who have decided they don’t particularly enjoy humanity.

That update is coming this time next week, as part of my new schedule of attempting to update every week – I’ll even try to find time when I’m in Japan, hopefully with the addition of photographs from my travels there. Thanks for staying tuned, and I’ll catch you on the other side of the screen.

Later guys!