413 – An Ode to Homestuck

A young man sits in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 13th of April, 2016, is the final chapter of the hypertext webcomic Homestuck. Though it was five years ago he joined the journey, today it finally ends!

As of ten minutes ago I watched the end of Homestuck. I am both so happy and so sad at the same time. This comic, this piece of fiction has been such a huge part of my life for such a long time. It’s rekindled and helped the forging of friendships, it’s been a constant source of jokes and conversation topics, story ideas and shenanigans.

I’m here, in Japan, at 11pm at night, soaked in tears and yet with a huge smile on my face. On one hand, I’m sad to let this adventure go, to see the book finally close on what is the longest piece of hypertext fiction in human history. But on the other hand, I’m glad for what it brought me in my life – a cast of unforgettable characters, a labyrinthine story with so many spaces for you to fill in the blanks and – being facetious – a really good way to remember all the signs of the zodiac.

This story has inspired me in so many ways – it allowed me to believe that creating a massively expansive, detailed universe, with so many strange mechanisms and weird creatures and social systems is possible; it inspired me to write characters with depth, characters who even in their finest moments could still be a horrendous jackass (looking at you Vriska Serket), characters who even at their best were still neurotic and second-guessed themselves (Jake English comes to mind, but practically everyone fits this at points). It inspired me to focus less on the world itself, and more on how the characters interacted with the world around them – sometimes dramatically, sometimes inconsequentially, and sometimes hilariously.

At this point all I can say is thank you. Thank you Andrew Hussie, for creating this world. Thank you all the wonderful artists and writers and animators and voice actors who helped bring this world and the fandom to life. Thank you to all the fans whose sense of humour, whose occasional madness and whose sheer dedication helped fill my blog pages and mind with hours of entertainment.

Screenshot 2016-04-13 23.38.39

On a more personal level, thank you to my good friend Marlee for introducing me to it in the first place and sending me reams of fic, thank you Amii for helping sustain my interest and dealing with all my Striderisms – as well as being the best Vriska around – and thank you to everyone who ever put up with my incessant ranting about it.

Though the ride is over and the Gigapause (and all the other pauses) are dead, the memories of these past five years will live on. I know the fandom will be nostalgic for more – if not now, then in some time. I know that with projects like Hivebent, Hussie will continue to feed our hunger for more of his complex world. And I know that through cosplay, art, fanfiction and more, the fandom will carry on.

The question we need to ask ourselves?

Because frankly, that’s the best fucking question anybody ever asked.


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