Showa 60

The year is 1985, or Showa 60.

With the northern nation of Arlandria growing in power and influence (and receiving increased funding from its parent nation, the United States), they push forward a radical reform of the Beaconsfield Treaty in the Intra-Tonlist Council. Amendment 17: the allowance for any citizen to kill any ‘intruding parties’ on sight.

With Suspiria suffering from an economic downturn, they are pressed into accepting the Amendment by their rivals Tonlist. Only Endseren and Hemisphere back out. The Amendment is announced on the day – and the massacre begins.

Entire neighbourhoods are flattened by the military. Students are gunned down in their strict high schools. The message reaches those in the mountain villages, and they know it is only a matter of time before they too are eradicated. Cue the resurgence of the Amaterasu no Teikou – the Sun Goddess Resistance.

Formed by the remnants of the Shinsengumi, they used the tale of Amaterasu as their guide, invoking the sun goddess who hid away in a cave, casting the world in darkness until she re-emerged.  Based in the mountains around Lake Sagami, they perfected their craft and established strong trade links with their new allies – if the old phrase ‘the enemy of my enemy is a friend’ was to be believed. Importing technology and weapons from Suspiria, Hemisphere and some of the smaller colonies, they would appear as no more than a simple farming community on the face of it – when their town was being built into a veritable fortress.

At the heart of the agency, the Teikou had their elite forces – the Juuyuushi. Ten warriors with unique abilities, abilities said to be passed down by the gods themselves. They passed on their skills and abilities to their children, and they to theirs.

The leader of today’s Juuyuushi is Okita Kanon – the descendent of Okita Souji. With her ancestor’s blade – and the ability to manipulate light via magic – she has trained herself into becoming near invisible; a shadow in the darkness with a thirst for revenge.

[Act 1 – The Art of Invisibility]
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